Conference facilities

A spacious conference room and also additional meeting rooms, kitchen and dining facilities, accommodation facilities including a nuptial apartment, a cultural café.

Each of these facilities is available for:



You have been dreaming about this day for a very long time. Or it just snuck up on you. Either way, enjoy your dream wedding in one of the most spectacular castles in Transylvania. And him too, but mostly you. The "I do's" can be said either outside (marquise) or indoors. We offer a private appartment for the bride and groom, accommodation for the guests. 
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Corporate Events

If your organization holds annual banquets designed to improve worker performance, or you want to host leadership and sales seminars or maybe you want to celebrate the employee and team achievements by throwing a party. Either way, we are welcoming you to Bánffy Castle, a place with an historic value formerly known as the Transylvanian Versailles. We can arrange the catering.
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Milestone Events

From your 40th birthday to your son's high school graduation or baptism, reaching a milestone doesn't happen every day. Each family event is an occasion to celebrate. Begin by choosing an outstanding location - Bánffy Castle - an architectonic Baroque monument that has been a witness of the Transylvanian history.
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Cultural Events

The historic environment of the Bánffy Castleoffers a perfect setting for the enjoyment of cultural activities. We would be honored to host your concerts, exhibitions, book or musical albums presentations.
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Educational Activities

Planning a history lesson takes more than a map and a blackboard. Successful lesson planning can be productive as well as fun if you take advantage of the historic environment at Banffy Castle to familiarize the students with the importance and significance of the past and help them understand and enjoy the quality of historic buildings and landscapes. Bánffy castle is one of the most spectacular ensembles in Transylvania and is therefore a great location for educational activities such as: art lessons, history, mathematics, geography, etc. 
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